If you have time, brainstorm the words and phrases you associate with the headings below.

1. Types of assessment

2. Types of tasks used in assessment

3. Vocabulary associated with assessment



What is assessment? in one word evaluation. Why do we assess students? Firstly, because we have to, but there is also a wide range of reasons for students’ assessment. Most important are: to warm up, to get marks, to get some feedback, to get information on learners  to get info on their skills, development, likes and dislikes, etc.

There are different ways how teachers assess their students. Teachers usually do the assessment through tests, conversations, stories, role – plays,etc. That is so called in class assessment, but it can also be done out of class through formal testing or homework. Image

Supplementary materials

Every day teachers face the fact that the coursebooks they use are just not enough for achieving the aims we set for that class. That is why we need supplementary materials. Supplementary materials – what’s that?

Teachers usually use classic ones : story books for primary learners, alternative coursebooks, board games created by teachers, crossword puzzles, songs, hand – outs summarizing grammar information, information gap worksheet,books of conversation topics, graded readers, practice tests, etc.

Modern times have brought us some new and exciting resources of supplementary materials.  Most of them can be easily found on the Internet. They are: websites for practice activities on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation practice, websites for games, puzzles and quizzes to provide extra fun activities. Also very popular are newspapers and magazines, and articles on the Internet, for authentic reading texts.

Teaching English grammar

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